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Default problem with deloading

Hi I'm new and got a question regarding deloading.

I'm training Westside Barbell style for about 1,5 years now.
To be clear I only do the 4 days ub/lb split (so no extra GPP) and I only train raw.

At the beginning I also added a lot of bodybuilding excersizes and traint 4 times a week for about 2 hours. So I figured that I should follow the standard template cause according to Louie you will never overtrain that way and can max out all the time.
This didn't matter anything in my situation. After 3-4 weeks I lose strenght when I continue.

I also tried to stretch that period so my CNS would adapt or something, but it didn't matter.

I'm thinking of doing WSB for 3 weeks and then 1 week do nothing or maybe some light training to get some blood in, but I really hate deloading!!!

If anyone got some tips/tricks/advice it's more than welcome!
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