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Few thoughts I wanted to get some opinions on:

Training frequency.

I'm considering moving back to a 6 day a week schedule. Energy isn't a problem right now, I've adapted to my schedule and am usually raring to go in the evenings. So I'm considering alternating BP/SQ with OHP/DL day by day. I like frequent training and did well on it prior to WSB.

Question being, is 6 times a week too much? I know 6 training sessions aren't too much but what I'm considering here is working the same muscle groups 6 days a week which is more intense. I've done 4 x week before and responded very well and upto 6 times a week with 3 heavier and 3 lighter.


I want to target certain areas where I feel I'm weak. For Deadlift the SLDL, I'm relatively weak with anything where my feet are closer stance. For Squat it's high bar deep squats which are weak, anything quad based. For Bench I think the Incline Bench could be a good choice to fill in the gaps. The added advantage of these lifts is that because I'm weak at them they'll be lighter and serve as a Light day.

Question being, how far do I take this variation? Last time I varied the work across the week, but then the second week was the same and third week was a deload. That seems to make sense, but I'd run out of steam by the second week so different set of exercises in the second week may be a good idea? That would mean a total of 6 variations of each exercise across 2 weeks. Sounds fun actually!


I'm considering a few schemes:

Week 1: 10 triples
Week 2: 8 doubles
Week 3: 6 singles

That builds in some deloads and variation across the weeks from very light (70%) to very heavy (90%+), if I vary the lifts I may even get away with continuously working heavy(ish). This has the advantage of more volume.


Top out at a max single and perform back offs, Bulgarian style on everything. This has other implications, as with a lack of a decent spotter I'd be worried about taking it to a proper daily max.

Other suggestions welcome also.

I'd like to draw something together soon, so any thoughts are appreciated.
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