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Originally Posted by MattyBoy View Post
Chillen, I get exactly what your saying...all voltage and no current. Protien is the center of my diet ( the fat comes automatically with it, because I don't seek out lean protien). Carbs is a little different. I was being more strict with it, but nowI eat the carbs my body is craving within bounds. I'm going after strength for a while. I've struggled with diet, it's the hardest part. The training is fun, I look forward to it. The eating, on the other hand, is work.

Steve, I'm exactly opposite. Hard boiled eggs are the most convenient. They taste great cold, which is great for a guy who takes his lunch In a lunchbox. Plus I can just shove one in my face and be done. .
What problems are you having with your diet? Besides proper stimulation from the gym, you must work on your dietary structure to solicit muscle growth and/or strength gains in a progressive fashion. You have to "properly" feed the body so it will build muscle, it can not build muscle out of nothing.

What I suggest is to learn what you need in calories per day according to your your body weight, age, size, etc, and use this as a target each day, and manipulate this target up/down in according to your goal want. Harris-Benedict (Google it) is a good formula to use, and will take your personal particulars into account. Once you identify what your problems are, I can give you some direct suggestions on how to handle it, and hit your target each day.

You mind me asking how tall you are and how much you weigh? Are you over weight or underweight for your size? There is much I do not know about you so I am reluctant to give specific advice, but once you learn what your Maintenance Line in calories are, you then can target about 1g per pound of lean body weight (to start things off), and fill the rest with carbohydrates and fats.

I would also suggest to study on the different types of carbohydrates (complex, simple) and how different sets of food affect blood sugar, and insulin spikes, if (as you are suggesting) eating carbohydrates (though you didn't provide the type of food, or timing) makes you hungry.

I addition, do not be afraid of eating good sources of fat. Dietary fat can be the most misunderstood macro, but it is from this framework, many of our important hormones are created from, and the body uses it for a variety of other tasks.

If an increase in muscle is what you are after, you must give calories and macros the proper attention. As much attention as the training you do.

For training, what are you doing?

Best wishes for success,

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