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Originally Posted by hax88 View Post
I was reading an article today and it said do not work out if you have chest congestion, muslce aches, chills, a fever about 100.4, you are taking a decongestant, or you feel fatigued or light headed.
Listen to your body, obviously a congested chest or extremely high temperature wouldn't be the wisest time to workout since both can turn nasty; fatigued is a concern because there are danger issues with heavy weights, lightheaded, is the same...we see idiot youtubers, all the time, fainting and they're not even feeling faint to begin with, they just have poor technique, couple that with actually feeling faint and it's a recipe for disaster.

Originally Posted by ffemtny View Post
Army basic taught me I could work out with strep throat, little sleep and a high temp. Just drink a lot of water and ignore the naysayers. Your mind can push the body much further than you think.
There are times when you have to push through no matter what, in times of dire emergency but IMO that doesn't necessarily make it the right chocie for an everyday situation.
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