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Default Bodybuilder Sean Sullivan Quote

A quote from natural bodybuilder Sean Sullivan:

(Note: Sean has competed in over 70 contests)

It is a doubled edged sword all right! In one sense you have information that it took years to acquire decades ago at the click of a button, but on the flip side there is almost too much information and lots of bogus info. I read the forums all the time, but rarely post anymore, and see so much misinformation taken as fact its a wonder anyone ever improves.

A few common mistakes I see are people changing what they do every time they read something new and following systems that will not work for there body chemistry or for naturals. The first issue is change. Change is good, when made at key points, and is necessary for progress. However, changing you whole meal plan, supplement schedule and workout style every few days based on the latest Internet search is a recipe for failure.

You need to find out what works based on your individual make up. How can you find your destination without knowing your starting point! You can have the best GPS in the world but if it does not know your start point you will get no where. Training volume, intensity and load are all individual. On the diet side diet macro nutrient intake and ratio is also individual. Rest is another big factor. Once you find your parameters find new information that falls in line with what works for you and you will progress.

The other factor is naturals following what there hormonally manipulated counter parts do. You can not train, diet or peak like someone using enhancement drugs. It is not possible to do the diet and training of a Mr Olympia without being on anabolic's, insulin, thyroid and IGF1. The drugs alter the endocrine system so the methods you see work, but if your not using them the techniques discussed WILL fail 100% of the time! Diet and training alter the endocrine system and the drugs counteract that effect.

I get so many clients who fail badly at a spring show following this advice, but by the fall they are winning championships. They just needed the right information in that sea of advices. The final problem is the Internet expert. I have one warning on them, as soon as someone says I have all the answers, or this way is the only way, log off! No one has all the answers because no two people have the same body chemistry. So in essence many people are right, but only for a few individuals. Do high carb diets work? Yes. Do low carb diets work? Yes. High volume training? Yes. HITT training? Yes. It all works, but not for everyone and not forever. So read widely, but wisely.

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