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Originally Posted by Ryano View Post
Take some Melatonin as soon as you get home. Eat then sleep.
Going to pick some up from the store. I've tried natural sleep aids in the past, and even have some sleepy-time tea. Will I build a tolerence to this?

Originally Posted by 5kgLifter View Post
Make sure the bedroom is pitch black; one small ray of light on the skin sets off our wake-up cycle, apparently. We use a heavy black sheet hung up against the window and then draw curtains across that.

Turn lights down low in the room prior to going to the bedroom, so that the living room lights are also bringing about a state of sleepiness.

When winding down try and cut out as much external noise as possible.
Was unaware that sunlight could do set off our wake up cycle. I will def start keeping the lights low after I tuck the wife in bed and see if that sends me to slumber land.

Originally Posted by bamazav View Post
Sounds like your sleep cycle is off. Babs, as usual, gives you some good hints. Ryano's post is helpful too. I would look at what you are doing to "Wind down." If I were working 3-12, I would be looking to get myself in bed by 1. No TV, absolutely no video games or computer, they can over stimulate you quickly, dark room. Make sure you have your heavy meal during your break at work, take something with you to eat on way home and focus on heading to bed. Cut all caffeine by 9PM. Set a wake up time, 9 or 10 to make sure you get adequate sleep and then get up at the same time each day. That should leave time to get a workout in, run a few errands and be to work on time.

My experience, most sleep issues are lifestyle issues. For younger folks it tends to be over stimulation via diet or video products.
I have to agree with you. My sleep cycle is off. I always eat heavy at work, but the Mrs' will usually have some dinner made for me when I get home. I need to start cutting this out. I do spend most of my time on the computer / tv. Maybe I if I got up earlier I could get my work done then.

Originally Posted by LtL View Post
Try a sleep supplement like Resurrect from Fahrenheit Nutrition. It helps improve the quality of your sleep and helps you get to sleep as well.
I have been mulling this over in my head for about two weeks now. I have read all the reveiws and really want try it out. When I get back from my honeymoon, I will place an order.

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Well, those that are successful don't generally miss many workouts.

You need to train when you have the most energy and are least likely to miss workouts.
I hate missing workouts, I feel like grump-a-saurous-rex at work when I do. Gotta get up and DO EET!!

Thanks everbody for your feedback
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