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Originally Posted by LtL View Post
I like the idea of alternating squatting or pulling first in the session. Increased frequency also seems to work very well for you
Yeah, that seems to be the best solution I can think of at the moment, it'll probably work out to alternating heavy and light squats and deads. So for example

Squats, Benches, light pulls
light Squats, Benches, heavy pulls

At the moment I'm thinking of using the light blocks for correctional work, so it's none too taxing. More on that later.

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
I would rather see you use a looser structure than a rigid one.
Exactly yeah, this just works so much better for me.

I think squats of all the lifts can be handled best with low to no variation. Bench next. Deadlifts are a beast, so whatever works with them.
Now you mention it, I'm talking with Tom over on Sugden regarding some changes he has made to his Squat style. I'm thinking this is a possible area for improvement for me with me having quite long limbs. So for the correctional work I mentioned earlier it will entail frequent front squats and back squats trying to learn how to do them oly style properly.

(Do try and have a read of that, it's very interesting)

While sticking to the same lifts and rep schemes can be done, it's a mental grind after a certain period of time. I think there are far too many quality reasons to cycle in some way, shape or form not to.
Definitely and this relates to Al's other question about speed bench. I will keep them in. The speed Bench and speed Squats, Deads just worked far too well for me to omit them now. So on some days during the week I'll do heavy speed work. So I'll have roughly
  • Heavy squat variations to parallel
  • Speed work probably above parallel
  • Very deep correctional squats

In any given week, so that's plenty of variety. I won't necessarily do them all, and may do some twice or three times. Whatever I feel I can handle.

I hit burnout from grinding the same grind every week. It took over 6 months to get there, but it still happened.
Yeah, I tend to think there is a rhyme and reason for most things and for this I'm starting to think the reason WSB worked so well is that I was coming off the back of a hyper frequent schedule earlier in the year (remember maxing on 18 exercises across 12 sessions a week!) and the WSB allowed me to peak my strength in the correct way.

So by that logic I'm going back to build a bigger base as it were.

Originally Posted by oli View Post
..rounds of beer on me!


Due to the nature of a plan-less plan, I'll update retrospectively in a week or so.

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