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You know I spent a good while re-reading through this thread today, and I just wanted to thank Btb, Mike, Pull, Jay, Al, OR, Kuyt and everyone else who has contributed so far. The discussion and encouragement of sharing ideas is some of the best. Great to be able to share a passion with like minded, decent people.

So it's come around again, I've wanted a bit of a change due to a whole host of factors which I covered here:

Originally Posted by Fazc View Post
1) No spotter. And for a subtle psychological nuance that I have, when I can't do something "all in" I find it hard to motivate myself. That's not an ideal 'condition' to have (!), but it's something I'm conscious of and I think this is possible why I've struggled to get into the gym on week days. Cos when I get to the gym I know I'm not going to be able to do the programme as it's supposed to be done (all out on ME days).

2) Perhaps I need a change. The WSB stuff while awesome just isn't appealing to me right now. Maybe that's cos I'm losing weight/strength or whatever. But mentally I'm not as on it.

3) I have less and less time to think about stuff I need to do. WSB requires thinking time, and my thinking time is wrapped up in other things right now. Something laid out for me may be easier mentally.

4) Related to no spotter, it's harder and harder to psyche up big for the lone workouts. That's something I'm sure I'll get used to but without that element of safety it's hard.
So here's what I'm thinking:

1) Full body sessions. I just don't like training each lift/bodypart only once a week. I can literally feel my muscles wasting away. I need more stimulation than that. Twice or more seems great. Mentally I'm most comfortable with 3 x a week.

2) Frequent lifts mean I don't have to go balls to the wall each time. This is especially important with Squats and Benches where I lack a spotter.

3) Sets/reps. I briefly considered Sheiko but I know myself by now, and I just don't respond well to such a regimented routine. So it'll be a top single (which I love) followed by some back offs to nail form.

4) Variation. This is something I believe in, BUT I also like the idea of specificity on some lifts where I don't need variation to fix stuff. So the solution will be distinctly Bulgarian and is something I've done before. Work up to a single in the big 3 and then during the back offs I'll have the option of doing assistance exercises if needed.

5) Cycling. I was far too regimented last time, and continually smashed the same lifts week in week out. If there's one thing I've learned from WSB it is that frequently changing lifts is golden for staying healthy (for me). So I'll rotate exercise as and when I can.

So a typical session might look something like this:
  • Squat upto a daily max in briefs, off a box. Followed by either 3 triples in the Squat, GM or Front Squat.
  • Bench upto a daily max in the Slanger. Followed by 3 triples in either the Bench, CGBP or Incline or even BTN Press
  • Deadlift upto a daily max. Followed by 3 triples in either the SLDL, BLDL, SDL or something else.

I'd do that anywhere from 3-4 times a week. The idea, at least in the beginning, would be to hit the main lifts each and every time to become accustomed to the high frequency.

My areas for concern:

Deadlifts always get the short end of the stick. Possible solution would be to vary which of the Squat or Dead goes first. Or possibly minimise volume/intensity on the Squat. Any other ideas?

Thoughts welcome as always.
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