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Default Recovery Log

Before I start, let me tell you what this past year has been like... End of December of 2011: A huge boost in strength from practically no where. Especially in the squat and deadlift(I'm talking barely pulling up 370 on the dead to doing 380 for 5 a couple weeks later). Over the next few months, numbers continue going up and my press gets quite a bit stronger too. Mid March or so: Bench just stops. Everything else is fine, but not my bench press. Soon, it starts going down. Sometime in May, I discover I have tendonitis. I only press over my head for the next month or so and begin to bench fairly light and add in some light, high rep tricep work. Finally, my bench is on the rise up until the middle of August. However, mid July, my squat just begins to drop. I'm talking in just one to two weeks I went from being near a 400 lb squat to 350 being extremely hard and it kept getting lower. Finally, by August 17, my deadlift is showing signs of being hurt although my upper body pressing seems to be getting stronger for the most part. Then, I find out I have mono. That put me out and caused me to lose over 20 lbs. Somewhere around 205 down to 185. Give or take a few pounds both ways.

So, now I think I've waited enough time and have tested the waters inconsistently in weeks past and had my first successful training session tonight. This log will be about me recovering from mono and gaining my strength back. I think I'm going to start out(I know, this is going to be a slight bit contradictory) trying to cut some body fat. I'm sure I can gain some muscle back and lose some fat I've obtained recently. I don't know a percentage I want to get to, I just know a look I want to get to before I try to really start packing on new muscle. So....

Friday, October 12th. First day back.

Squats: 185 5x5.
Deadlifts: 205 2x5.
Press: 85 5x5.
Additional upper back and tricep work thrown in, but not a lot of it.

I'm going to try to keep this updated and will be lifting 3 days a week, trying to add 5-10 lbs per lift per workout before I switch back to 5/3/1. I'd like to get up to around 275-80 5x5 on the squat. Everything else, I don't know. I just want to squat 4 plates sometime soon. (And deadlift 5. Sadly that won't happen this year like I had hoped) I appreciate any advice, encouragement, or snide remarks about wanting to regain strength and lose a little bit of body fat at the same time.
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