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When I'm not Powerlifting.. This is how I train..Cut and pasted from another thread of mine..

Ya it was a decent shoulder workout. I workout before work. So no driving home. Actually my Gym is at work. They have one employees can use for Free. It's more old school with a few newer things. Which is what I like the best.

As for Super Sets. I mainly do it on Arms and a Chest/Back (Push & Pull) when I'm a day behind that week. For Arms I like to keep the whole arm pumped with blood. It seems if I don't super set a couple exercises on Arms I loose that pump/tight feeling. Which can lead to growth/size. If you Don't Super set your Arms. You can run into a couple of problems. Nothing Major. But if you start with Biceps and get a good pump. By the time you get to your Triceps. You can't fully extend your arm due to the Biceps Pump. If you can't fully squeeze your tricep duing the exercie. Your not working it 100%. Easy fix is to Always Start with Triceps. Also since Arms are 3 groups. Biceps, Triceps and Foreamrs. If you don't Super Set. It's a very long workout. Super setting helps keep the intensity up.

Last night I did it with Shoulders. Mainly to save time. Since shoulders are 3 different muscles(Front, Sides, Rears). That are easy to isolate. Super Setting works best if you can isolate both muscle groups you are working.

Chest I won't super set. I would still rather do Drop Sets, Rest/Pause and Burnouts.

Back you could Super set. Since you can hit Width and Thickness exercises to isolate. But I already split Back into two workouts. Thickness and Width. I don't feel you can get a good workout for the back trying to combine the two. But if you had to and many do only one back workout. Super Setting would help a lot.

You can Super Set legs as well. Quads and Hams. I won't Super Set Squats with anything. I like to Super set Leg ext and Leg Curls. Maybe throw Calves in between Leg Press sets to save time. Leg Days can take a while as well. With all the Warm up sets and rest between Squat sets need to push heavy weights.

The program I use is my own. Things I have learned over the years. I use to follow many workouts. Dogg Crapp Training, FST-7, Blood Volume, 5x5, and many others pulled from Books and Magazines.

A lot of how I workout is by feel. How the muscle feels. I have a set plan on what I'm doing. But if that set plan isn't getting the results I'm wanting. Muscle Fatigue, Stress, Pump etc... I'll add an exercise, Change Grip, Focus more on the squeeze, Super Set, Drop Set or a number of other things to get the results I'm after. Doing this and keeping a log. Allows me to keep moving forward steadily. Even through injuries, Poor Diet and more. It seems if I stick to my so called plan. I come out stronger.

This is my Workout now...

5 day Split, 2 week rotation..

Week One .......................Week Two
Back Thickness..................Back Width
Shoulers Focus on Sides......Shoulers Focus on Rears

I do this split for a few reasons. Chest and Back have there own days. One right after the other. Being oppsoing muscle groups. They don't effect each other much. Even a very Heavy Chest day as little effect the following day for Back. Shoulers is on the 3rd day. On Chest day. The Delts and Triceps tend to come in play a little to support many exercises. So I put Back day between Chest and Shoulders. Arms I put 4th. Since Chest and Back uses Triceps and Biceps for Support. Shouler day allows a little rest. If I feel I'm not fully healed yet. I'll switch Arm and Leg day around. Leg day I put last. Mainly b/c they take the most out of me and the two days of recovery over the weekend is much needed. Each Muscle group has it's own day. Then Each muscle group has enough recovery days in between. Even the supporting muscle groups. Since this is a two week rotation. I do different exercises each week. Back Width and thickness are easy ones. For Legs. I'll Squat one week and Leg Press the next. But I have been known to Squat then Leg Press to try and kill myself.

I write down each Muscle group on a sheet of paper. Then I list every exercies I can think of that works for overall Mass/Strength for that muscle group. Like Shoulders. First listed BB Military Press, Seated DB Press and so on. Then I list exercises that I feel really improve Shape and get a good Pump/Stretch from. Say for Triceps Rope Pressdowns and Machine Press. For Biceps- Over Head Cable Curls. I make this list for all the above groups.

WOW... Long post.. Figured I'd explain a little on why on how I do things. Might help someone else as well. I set up a lot of buddies workouts for them. Depending on their History and Goals. It's normally a spin off the above.
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