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Week 31, Thursday, 10-4-12
Deadlift, 5 reps, 240, 330, 370. Got them all.
F.Squat, 95(7), 135(5), wave one 185(3), wave two 190(3), wave three (195).
Calf raise: 8 reps, 145, 170, 190.
Got some ab work done.

Deadlift: Form was so perfect, the reps felt easy. Time to move up to 380.

F.Squat: Had to drop the weight to ensure I'm getting the form right. Focused on the straight up/down motion and keeping my chest upright. I'm fine on the way down, it seems that my problem is on the way up--I want to pull my hips up first like it's a regular squat.

Week 31, Friday, 10-5-12
BbRow, 190(9,8,8). 25RG met. If I get it against next week, i'll move up.
IncDbBench, 100(7,6,4). 25RG missed.
Pullups, BW+20 (9,7,6,6).
OH Press 140 (9,8,7). 25RG missed.Same as last week. 6th attmept.
DbCurl 45 (8,6)
Pressdowns 17(10,10)

Incline Db Bench: After getting 27 reps with 95's, I only got 17 reps with the 100's. That was discouraging. Since the Dbs i've been using only go up to 95 since some idiot broke the 100's, I have to use a different set of Dbs for the 100's. Either the old Dbs I used were lighter than they said, or the ones i use for the 100's are heavier than they say (or both) b/c WOW the 100's felt very heavy.

Pullups: I've decided to start doing 4 sets of pullups and stay at this weight until I can get 30 reps over 4 sets.
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