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Originally Posted by Goat View Post
We grow mentally, physically and emotionally. If we don't then we are ill equipped to handle life. Therefore I would say that age is relevant.
Untrue. I once worked with an adult, in her 40's, who couldn't even handle crossing through a college door/gate because she was bullied as a child, it reduced her to tears, just the thought, we weren't even anywhere near a school/college...and I had to tell the people above me to back-off her and to explain the issue to them whilst reassuring her she did not have to go to a college and nobody would make her do so. She didn't go to the college, though the courses she could have enrlled on would have been advantageous to her...but her past experience was still haunting her; sometimes, our age never changes the damage done in the past.

People that were bullied, intimidated, abused, will always be emotionally scarred and it does affect their daily life, so age is irrelevant; an old person, a middle-aged person, and a young person all have the same emotions and the young bullied person will take those emotions through to their old the shame of our sociatel set-up which should deal with the issues well before that time, IMO.
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