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Originally Posted by 5kgLifter View Post
IMO, age is irrelevant, because it doesn't make a person any less prone to the effects of bullying or whatever label people would like to give it.

On a side note, that sort of comment, the emailers, I mean, can also lead the recipient into the unhealthy realms of anorexia...people can be informed they are overweight, have it brought to their attention or at least discuss what they already know themsleves etc (as she herself pointed out) but done in the wrong way, it can be disastrous...I've seen it in a local hairdresser who can't even jog because their heart is so weak it would kill them...and all because it was approached wrongly.

Words, written or otherwise, can be damaging; and I for one, don't believe her (the news woman) when she stated that it didn't bother her since her bodylanguage does not match her words.

We grow mentally, physically and emotionally. If we don't then we are ill equipped to handle life. Therefore I would say that age is relevant.

If the emailer had sent his message to a child or a disabled person then I would have no argument here. He would be a bully for attacking someone who cannot defend themselves.

Let me ask this, what do you think his intent was? Is intent unnecessary when establishing whether someone is acting as a bully? Or did he just make a insensitive comment? Is an insensitive comment bullying?

I say that what she has done is an insult to those that are really being bullied. You know the people that are being called really hurt full things, being pushed around physically, having their reputations destroyed falsely.

Someone telling you that you are not the best roll model is not bulling its a uncomfortable truth

And why not a measured response? She conspired to attack this guy with her employers and fellow employees with the full power of a television station.

She chose to humiliate this guy publicly while all he did was to send her a private email. I know that she did not mention his name, but there are the unintended consequences of someone actions right?.

What happened to treat others as you would have them treat you?

What happened to two wrongs do not make a right?
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