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Originally Posted by 5kgLifter View Post
Interesting, I think DW just reinforced the typical stereotype as highlighted by Steve...what a shame.

As for the "happy as she is" and pulling the old "thyroid" issue being at odds, not so, you'd be surpirsed how people seem to have to vindicate/explain themselves in and to society when there should be no need but people, for some reason, seem to think they are entitled to all your medical details, private or otherwise, though the term privacy doesn't appear to mean a whole sight any more.

Verbal abuse, is still abuse and it can cut deep; I know someone who was called a retard by a group of youths just because they use a walking stick, and then given verbal abuse by a drunk for the exact same reason...none fo the people knew the person with the stick and both occurred on separate occasions; words can damage a whole lot more than sticks and stones at times, especially unexpected attacks out of nowhere and at places where people are vunerable.

Bullying is bullying...the guy had no reason to contact her, end of story.
They were private emails, no one needed to known about them other that the recipient.

This man didn't corner her in public did he? Did he point out her short comings to any one other than her? It isn't like he badgered her with tens, hundreds or thousands of emails.

In his response to her bulling story, he even offered to help her in any way that he could. This doesn't seem like the actions of a man bent on tormenting someone( i.e bulling).

This is certainly only my own opinion, but I feel that if you accept a position where you are going to be in the public eye than you should be prepared for some criticism. Earned or not!

Check message as spam, problem solved.

By the way I have a bmi that shows that I am obese. I here stuff all the time, if I were to complain every time I heard some comment I didn't like nothing would ever get done.
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