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Originally Posted by kman025 View Post
im not trying to be a dick.... im a weak 16 year old....

yes a very response.

im just saying if i saw this guy i'd chuckle to myself. i would just think it funny, a guy who looks so good, using such low weight.

im sure he's smart, he must be to get results like that.

its just so different from my beliefs (which mean nothing, being that im skinny fat and weak) that i think it to be wierd as hell. i know this is the same thing that lead to racism, but its hard for me to accept such a different style of training and i find it funny.
His videos are made primarily for beginning trainers. He is really concerned about joint issues from heavy training, and it's an understandable concern.

There are many big and strong lifters who share the same concerns. The longevity and dangers associated with long term, low rep training are a pretty common concern even among powerlifters.

Do I think he swung a bit too far back on the pendulum? Yes. But I don't rule out the possibility that I have something to learn.

I have developed a good working friendship with Gordon LaVelle. Gordon trains like Dorian Yates, and is very concerned with longevity, injury and joint health. Gordon still uses very heavy weights, but he just does so in a different manner than C&P. So in a sense, Gordon and Victor Costa share the same concerns, but they arrive at different solutions.

What each of us needs to do is process the potential dangers/weaknesses associated with each training approach, and be willing to look at solutions that fit our needs and bodies.

Learn something from each man, and fashion it together through the lens of your needs and your body. The "extreme" guys in our sport - C&P being on one end, and perhaps Stuart McRobert on the other - each have much to teach us. So does Victor Costa and Gordon LaVelle and Mike Mentzer and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Casey Butt.

The challenge for each of us is to become our own man, define our own beliefs, and do so with hard work and diligent research. And then we must be willing to toss aside our beliefs if new information is presented that might expand our beliefs.

The trick in life is not to adopt a dogma of a certain man/political/religious system, but to carve out your own path. If we view life/training through another man's "lens", we deny ourselves the amazing experiences that come with developing our own lens.

Mike Mentzer is hard to swallow because he carved his own path and then told us that we must follow his path. I respect him for carving a path, just as I respect Victor Costa for carving a path. But my inner "angst" won't allow me to blindly follow Mentzer or Costa, Arnold or Butt.

I learn from them, and their science, and then I put one foot in front of the other and head in my own direction. I have no clue where I'm going, but I am confident I will get there.

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