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Originally Posted by Fenrir View Post
So let's say I wake up one morning with a bad fever, runny nose but I think I can still make it to the gym and lift....but at the same time I don't want to make things worse and collapse in front of the squat rack, how do some of you deal with this? If you're sick and it falls on a training day, do you skip it and do you still try to maintain your dietary requirements for the day?

Runny nose is fine as long as you're not leaving your germs all over the equipment for others to pick up and chances are you probably will be with a runny nose, unless you're wiping everything down, meticulously, after yourself.

Eating, when people are sick their bodies usually dictate whether they can eat, appetite is either there or not and that's for a reason; thankfully, the body is smarter than we are.

Seriously, you know how ill you feel, and will know way before you even get to a gym whether you're likely to collapse, and if that's the case, then you just don't go there.

Decide on every situation separately.
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