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Originally Posted by Randoja View Post
Definitely looks like you got the most out of your light day, which would be heavy for any non beast human lol. Keep up the good work Al. I locked out every rep on bench today, feels good.
Yeah I'm pretty sore today in all of the right (weak) places. Glad you're lifting properly now. Not locking out will only come back to bite you in the a$$ at a later date.

Originally Posted by Hazzard View Post
Good lifting tonight mate.

Thanks mate. Last night was fun. Good banter/energy in the gym. Now if we can just get James to sack up a bit and lift what he's capable of...

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
It's ok to suck. just suck less each workout. I know you will. I suck at them too for what it's worth.

How were the dimels?
I'm starting to suck less. My glute and ham strength has come up nicely. Just need more mid-upper back and I'll be sticking an extra plate on them. Dimmels are good but they do burn a LOT! Amazing how hard that little weight can be.

Originally Posted by Fazc View Post
Good stuff Al, your forms getting better and looking strong now. Pushing this up to 180 and beyond will really reap the rewards I reckon.
Thanks buddy. Felt ok last night. Looking forward to getting this exercise stronger and watching my squat and dead climb too.

So I'm a little sore today but nothing too bad. Only working a half day and then I have lunch and drinks at a very nice restaurant ( because I hit my sales targets

Then I get to recover on Saturday before dynamic bench on Sunday. Good times. Happy Friday everyone!

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