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So a quick update as to where I'm at: I took 2 weeks off carb backloading before and during my holiday and weight stayed pretty much the same between 95 and 96kgs. While I was away I read Kiefer's backloading manual and having understood the diet better, decided to go back on and use it to maintain my current weight whilst recomping. The changes that I have made from before are slight but important:

- Morning shake is now 50grams of whey, a cup of coffee, 10 grams of creatine and a tablespoon of coconut oil. The coconut MCT fats give me better energy and help prolong ketosis.
- Backloading every day starting at 5pm.
- First backloading meal always contains sugary, high GI foods and protein (whole food or whey). I was concerned about this before but having read the book, the best results come from these carbs and not low GI.
- Second carb meal in the evening is whatever Mrs Al cooks supplemented with extra high GI carbs (kiddy cereal or whey shake with dextrose).

Results so far are that despite me eating on average 4 doughnuts per day I am looking more muscular, my waistline is still getting smaller and I have lots of energy during the day. I am also running Fahrenheit's GF-T21 which is helping recomp. Bodyweight was 94.25kgs this morning. I will continue to eat this way for another week or two and then make a decision if I need to up the daytime meals to maintain weight more easily or keep going and not hit 93kgs without having to manipulate water. I am erring on the side of not dehydrating but that is on the basis that my strength continues its upward trend and my gear still fits.

Thanks to Fazc for inspiring me to make this change. Overall this year I have dropped from 107kgs to my current weight. Any strength loss has been marginal and mostly due to changed leverages and ROMs. I feel more athletic, can train more and feel overall better conditioned. Hazzard doesn't like it though as he says I am too skinny and am making him look bad

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