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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
One thing no one talks about with regards to muscle confusion, and the desire to confuse, is the slowing of natural gains.

I see many experienced natural lifters putting in a lot of effort to confuse muscles into new growth. But the reality is that new most of new growth comes with heavy compounds, and once you get strong on these, you probably have a fair share of muscle mass and there isn't much new growth to be had.

The last 10 pounds of muscle can be the hardest, but I believe they come more from patience and persistence more than a specific program. Sure, a shocking program like GVT might add a couple pounds of muscle for an experienced lifter, but the more you dip into the well, the less you have to draw from.

That's why I'm for a more aggressive approach to gains for beginners, and for bigger eating. Maximize out the gate with big weights and big food.

I know it's been said before, but for the average's shocking enough if they just get their arse in the gym 52 weeks a year and push for progression.
Originally Posted by glwanabe View Post

I don't think this point is talked about enough. Why would it want to be talked about? You have basically summed up, and thrown out thousands of pages of text and magazine articles that sold magazine issues, based around stimulating growth with "NEW programs" It took you all of 5 paragraphs to say it.

The truth is, there is very little that is new, or that needs to be reinvented. Patience and persistance, and continually hitting the big moves, will move the mountain.

Don't forget. this was created by water flowing over rock, but it took time.

Ditto and Ditto!
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