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Default GF-T21

Any decline in serum testosterone ( as the scientific and medical community are now learning and beginning to publish ) is caused NOT by a pure function of aging, but rather by the body’s internal hormone-producing environment becoming less than optimal for hormone production. This is a crucial distinction. Men, even in their late 20’s and 30’s ( and of course, beyond their 30’s ), no longer have to sit back and accept a decline in testosterone as a ‘fact of aging,’ but can now be PROACTIVE and take matters into their own hands … naturally and safely ! T-21 creates an optimal environment - inside the body - where the natural release of the most powerful and important hormone for Men - Testosterone - can regain its maximum output. By impacting nearly every physiological process in your body, GF-T21 uses a balanced formulation of purified phytochomical extracts to transform your body into a explosive TESTOSTERONE-RELEASING machine. The results of maximized, naturally-produced, testosterone levels in Men include: Increased muscle mass Improved bone density Gains in strength and endurance Improved concentration, cognitive performance, and mental alertness Resurgence of sexual energy and stamina

I have been using this stuff for a little over a week and the differences are noticeable:

- Increased libido
- Better recovery
- Improved mood
- I feel stronger (could be confidence, could be actual strength, not bothered which)

Will update this thread with more thoughts over the coming weeks as I complete this cycle, come off and drop to Tribulus and then go back on before the meet. So far I am loving it.

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