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I read some info on them at Dave Draper's forum earlier this year. Posting some of the quotes from various members:

I've got one. Had it for 21 years. Today it's got an inch of dust on it. Just didn't suit me...put my low back in a funky position. It's probably a good piece of equipment...kinda like a bench press for legs, but I'll stick to squats. Your results may differ...just be careful.
I've experienced low back pain with the vertical leg press as well. I think it's a great exercise but it does not agree with me for some reason. If you're going to buy one perhaps you could try it somewhere to see how it affects you before you purchase it.
Cons: Awkward positioning, position more dangerous to lower back and eyes if form is bad and breath is held. (capillary rupture in eyes)

If you choose a vertical leg press, here's how to get the most out of it safely. You may wish to increase the angle of the platform...most are too shallow. Failing that, place a pillow or rolled towel, etc. in the hollow of your lower back. Pay attention to the descent of the weight carriage and stop the movement before you lose your natural lumbar arch or when your hips just start to break contact with the platform.

Do NOT lockout at the top! This will greatly reduce the amount of weight that you can use but it is safer for your knees, hips and lower back. By not locking out, you keep the muscles engaged in supporting the weight. Lock out and the load is transfered (more or less) to the skeletal structure, i.e. the bones and attachements of the legs, hips, pelvis and spine.

A small pillow under the head helps to alleviate the pressure at the eyes and not holding the breath also helps that as well as reducing blood pressure spikes.

Used wisely, the vertical leg press is fine. Misuse it and you'll surely pay a price.
I don't like leg presses in general, just don't think they are a good bang for the buck exercise, and way you bear the load is not really biomechanically sound.

The vertical leg press is a special case though, think hard about blood pressure and strokes etc. The burst blood vessels in the eyes is a real warning. The eyes are fairly close to the brain. Mike Mentzer actually wrote about a guy having a stroke while doing this exercise.

Valsalva maneuver
Feet elevated / head low
Thighs crush into rib cage
If done for high reps, big pump in the thighs

These four factors all raise blood pressure in your brain
im doing vertical leg presses because i cant squats with my low back problem and this doesnt hurt ? wicked says you need something under the low back like a pillow etc ,plus i use a wide stance so i dont crush the chest in ,you can do high reps with a heavy weight as you dont have a problem with balance equals a great pump just dont hold your breath and control the breathing properly , a bonus is the hams get hit too,

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