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Default MMA style workout for a MMA body?

Hello im 16, 5'6, and 133, im really interested in fighting (not professionally) and i also want to be that kind of lean like a MMA fighter, i would like to be 170, like Paul Bradley, or the black mma fighters, (im black) how they are usually well ripped and muscles defined, and have incredible speed and power, workouts that could help me with that. I have basically all the equipment you'd find in a high school gym, such as the normal bench presses, squat racks, calf raises, pull up bars and what not, and all dumbells, kettle balls, treadmills, and i could shadow box but if a punching bag is absolutely neccessary ill get one.

Basically im saying i want to get the ripped, mma look, while still being an effective fighter, you know stronger than i look. Any help is appreciated.
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