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I realize my 2 cents are worth just that, so take this as you may.

1. Obesity being the GREATEST threat to national security may be far fetched, but it is also getting out of hand and needs to be taken very serious. The best part about it is that it is totally reversible. Although it may not be the number one enemy to this country we should take it very serious.

2. I've always been a fat kid. Never had parents to show me healthy eating, or great exercise habits. I have been able to drop 30 lbs. with ease all throughout my adulthood, but always gain it back. I wish it was easier/cheaper to get whole natural foods for our "busy" lifestyle.

3. Health care is going to continue getting more out of control if problems from obesity continue. (I know not all health problems arise from obesity, but that is off topic).

4. Let us all focus on being healthy and not place blame on corporations for providing unhealthy food products. Eating whole, natural foods, and moderate exercise should be something we all strive for. While we do all this let us not lose focus on our other threats to national security.

in conclusion, I feel we shouldn't number any one thing more important than the other.
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