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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
What type of product is it? Test booster?
Here's it's description and claims. I bought this early on when I still got licked by snakes.

Sci Fit’s EcdySterone 300 is a product that finally offers the necessary dose of 20-Beta-Hydroxyecdysterone (a.k.a. ecdysterone) to achieve the numerous benefits uncovered through years of scientific testing. Sci Fit is one of the first companies to utilize advances in standardization techniques now available that enable production of a high dosed product that costs less than the steroids it clinically outperformed! The most notable study was one of 78 highly trained athletes in three groups (Scientific Sports Bulletin, S. Simakin. 1988). The ecdysterone + protein group lost body fat while gaining 6-7% lean muscle in only 10 DAYS! Moreover, the dose averaged less than 400mg per day. Sci Fit harnesses the power of this relatively new supplement that unleashes the following benefits with ZERO side effects reported to date:

• Increases protein synthesis.
Sci-Fit EcdySterone 300
Price $21.95
List Price $35.95
You Save 36%

• Increases total protein and glycogen content in muscles.
• Increases lean muscle tissue and reduces adipose content.
• Reduces fatigue and apathy, yet increases speed and strength.
• Increased athletic performance and VO2 max
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