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Originally Posted by J_Byrd View Post
You think the guys at Westside cant squat raw?
All the ones that can are Former-Westside barbell guys. Although I really meant to take a cheap shot at supertraining.

"Phil Harrington made a 755 raw squat at 198 pounds, breaking Tony Fratto’s record of 749 in 1972" taken from

Top Five Deadlifts

so in 30+ years a world record raw squat is beat by 6lbs by a former westside guy". I am not saying westside guys couldn't raw squat world records or be strong raw lifters, but what I am saying is they are like every other marketing brand who lift only in their own feds, with there own rules and there own ways. Show me 5 westside lifters with raw world records in more then one fed and I will retract my statement about their methods for the strong raw drug-free lifter even though the last one doesn't apply for them.

Meanwhile you have guys like Sam Byrd who hold multiple records and heavy squats both geared and raw:

"Big Byrd12-11-07, 12:23 am
I do not train like a powerlifter i suppose. I dont do the westside barbell training or use any bands or chains or boards. I dont do speed training or box squats or any of those things most powerlifters hold so sacred. I dont even train in my gear, at all. I just hit a number 4 weeks out and gauge my openers on that.

The Byrd Cage [Archive] - the F O R V M
You must have mistaken me for a WS guy? I dont train WS, not even close. I have lifted against them though, their raw strength is off the chart as well. I am sure they are like me, just not interested in raw meets.

Also when did it get about their training method? I thought we were talking about squat form, then I drifted the topic away lol!

One more thing, I agree WS isnt the best method out there for drug free raw lifters. LTL made a good run of it.
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"This is about strength, not getting a 10.0 form score from the Russian judge" Steve Shaw

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