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Originally Posted by IronManlet View Post
Does anyone have tips on how to maintain a certain body weight rather than gaining more size?

I'd imagine it would involve a stricter diet and lower training volume, but if anyone has done this or knows how I would appreciate any advice. I'm currently not interested in getting much bigger; maybe 5-10lbs more at the most.
Its largely knowing what your your personal calorie needs are in conjunction with the type and amount of activity you do each day, which would include employment work, training, etc. Cardiovascular activity isn't required to maintain an average (but the same) weight per week.

Weight isn't going to stay exactly the same each day, but you can manipulate it within an approximate +/- 3 or so pounds--when you work at it long enough to know yourself and your specific numeric numbers. Also, you have to consider feces in the colon and urine in the bladder, as these contribute to weight variance at the time of the weighing. Maintaining a certain weight is possible, but you have to accept a "normal" small variance.

For example, lets say you calculate a MT-Line that includes all activity, but your carbohydrates are high (say around 200 plus) for your weight, this alone could have a major affect on your weight variance though your at calorie maintenance.

The bottom line is determining your calorie maintenance according to your activities, and then manipulating the macros, and adjusting these when getting bodily feedback if the variances are to high for your liking. I do this all the time to maintain by specific body weight on an average.

If I want to binge, I prepare for it a week in advance, by keeping calories at MT-Line, reducing carbohydrates which will eventually reduce glucose stores. My body weight drops (water retention is lower), but at the end of the week (or so), my body is prepped to absorb A LOT of carbohydrates without (TISSUE GAIN). The next day, (post eating passed MT-Line and a lot of carbohydrates), I am usually leaner than the day before, with weight gradually rising back to normal as I eat more traditional normal carbohydrates. During this time I usually space out a glucose depletion workouts during the week, and then change the routine the following week to something else.

Any more information let me know.

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