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Default TM2981 Revised Training Log


After 6 weeks of break, I restarted lifting on 25th August 2012 (Saturday). As I resumed, I decided to alter and simplify my training, focusing more on the 3 core lifts. Instead of the split routine I followed previously and working on the 3 lifts on 3 separate days, I decided to adopt such a routine where I will do the 3 lifts on the same day. The split routine did help me gain considerable size and strength, and I followed it for good 12-14 weeks.

During my break, I contemplated and did my research.I decided to follow Stephan Korte's 3x3 routine. I could not find many reviews/ analysis on it by other experts, but still decided to go for it.

You can find it here on:

MAB Link: Muscle and Brawn Bodybuilding, Powerlifting and Muscle Building. – Stephan Korte?s 33 Powerlifting Program

Web Link: The 3x3 Program

Let me introduce my new goals vis a vis my new program. They are like this.

Goal 1: More focus on the 3 core lifts and fixing form

Goal 2: Gaining more lean muscle

Goal 3: Getting rid of belly fat

Goal 4:: Getting better in weak areas like Abs, biceps, triceps and calves

Injury Concerns: I experienced considerable amount of knee cap pain (both knees) during my previous cycle. I saw the doctors and they advised me 2 reduce the weights I do, nothing clinically wrong was detected. After 6 weeks or break and restarting with a new program with light weights, the knee cap pain has disappeared to the extent of 95.0%. I got better knee wraps and they are helping.

Other health concerns: I was detected high cholesterol (in a Lipid profile something). Dieticians asked about my diet and told me to lower my protein intake, which was bad news for me. As this may limit my muscle growth. I have stopped taking protein supplements.

Below is my initial 8 weeks 3x3 program. I am currently in my 2nd week. I have considerably reduced the weight I do and currently doing as high as 30 reps of the initial sets of all the 3 lifts. i would not say, that I am following the routine word to word, this is due to situation out of my control.

1. Full body stretch

2. Cardio: Fat burn mode, Target HR 170 (comes to 10-12 mins)

3. DB Squats - 5 sets (Reps as much as possible in every set)

4. DB Bench Press - 6 sets (same)

5. DB Sumo Dead lifts - 5 sets (same)

6. DB Side Bends - 3 sets

7. Lower abs - 3 sets

8. Upper abs - 3 sets

9. Cool down

I would definitely like any inputs here, any changes in diet, nutrition or routine. Please have a look on the routine vis a vis my goals and let me know, if this is correct.

Just to remind you all, I train in the office gym without any trainer and spotter and with dumbbells only.


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