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Originally Posted by markievicz View Post
Great quote Chillen, too many people (myself included at times) forget this and focus on the negative points rather than the bigger picture....

Great to see you back posting by the way
Thank you Mark. I checked my history the previous two weeks, rest v. workout days, diet/carbs, etc, and there is nothing that sticks out as a primary cause.

Yes, there were a couple of days in there where I received only a 5 or so hours of sleep and on those days I worked some long hours, and stress at home was high (with wife being sick), but I have had good workouts in the same type scenario (I have personal records going go back to my original goal want).

This tells me that my body was just being a complete and utter lazy twat (excuse my language), and I simply do not put up with it. And, do not accept age as a cause either (). Any hoot, It eventually works out. I was taking some time reading my material last night, and I had a very good workout subsequent bad ones in close proximity to the bad one just a few days after. In some cases I would explode and expand 3 reps or more, 1 rep, and in some cases, would have to add weight (make adjustments on the fly) because the session was going so good. In other cases I would have 2 sessions bad in a row, and then a good session would follow, and so on and so forth.

It just tends to work it self out, and is part of the "consistency" process. Most persons wanting a goal and there heart is in it, and they have a bad session, is going to feel depressed, pissed, (etc), but if they continue to work, and are able to suppress these feelings, and continue to work hard, subsequent progression will come even if some adjustments have to be made dependent on the situation. Just part of the process.....we have to accept. we do not really have a choice if we want to be successful.

A large majority of the battle of our goal is within our own head, Mark, not under the bar.

How are you, Mark? I will stop in your log today and look it over. I hope you and your family are good, and this day finds you well.

Again, thank you for stopping buy. Appreciate it.

Next up, my workout for today, which is followed by two rest days. I will post it in a few.......

Peace and happiness to all of you!

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