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Question Paralympics powerlifting bench press...

I know they only do bench but...I was watching earlier and very impressed with the 75kg women, top bench press of 148kg (146kg within the comp) World Record; if they were going for a new World Record, due to smashing one within the comp itself, they were permitted to go for one extra attempt, in addition to their 3 lifts, but it remained outside of their comp score.

It was really strange to watch, seeing someone lift the barbell which looked perfectly fine 3 times in a row only to be denied every lift

To the question though which is about bench form...
  • They were handed the barbell, if they chose to go that route instead of unracking themselves which one did.
  • They had to pause at the bottom BUT they decided how long and were not given an up-command etc.
  • They were informed when they could rerack the barbell.
  • No feet on the floor (obviously), had to be all arm power.

Other rules:
  • Head must remain in contact with the bench as must the butt.
  • The barbell had to come up evenly, right to the end of the lift, if it was even merely lopsided, it was a no-lift, and that also applied to lifts that they managed to recover and lockout.
  • The barbell could not be seen to wobble at the end whilst waiting for the rerack signal.
  • A wobbly elbow, mid-lift, was considered a no-lift, even if it was locked out properly at the end with the barbell aloft.

So, how do these rules alter from non-Paralympic powerlifting bench press rules?
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