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Originally Posted by jaymax View Post
Thanks for the input Steve.

Tonight's workout was a crash and burn for deadlifts. Wasn't feeling recovered but did the workout anyway. Had a week's vacation of being sick along with drinking and then this weekend we've had family in town for my son's 1st birthday. So there's been a fair amount of drinking and sleep deprivation. Next week I'm taking a forced deload!

Deadlift 440 x 4,3 (WTF)
Inclines 170 x 5x8
Chins BW x 8,8,8,5,5

Went to hit deadlift backoff sets and felt weirdly heavy so seems how I failed on what should have been a fairly easy set of 5 on them anyway I called the workout and quit.
Excess alcohol takes water out of the body, and acts as a diuretic (so-to-speak), especially after a bout of drinking in excess (for most persons anyway). This isn't a very good "bodily" environment, and dependent on diet during the week (most notably carbohydrates, to assist in retaining water being lost with alcohol), will depend on how much water/nutrients is being held in muscle tissue (as muscle is about 80 percent water), and dependent on other factors, I am not all that surprised your workout was bad, to be honest with you, young man.


Have the LOVE FOR YOUR GOAL BE STRONGER THAN ANY DISAPPOINTMENT, and you will always get up when you fall.

And, this WILL NOT be the only session in the gym in which you will have disappointment. Sometimes the body provides no valid reason (even when you look at diet, training, sleeping, and rest days, etc) for having a bad workout. They just come. However, on the flip side, some of the best workouts I have had is when I feel not quite normal, and sometimes the signal from the body is correct, and the workout like wise sucked.

One thing I do know. Even with a bad workout and trying to progress, but didn't. You are still providing the stimulus that the body needs to improve itself, and a good progressive workout WILL COME with vitality and consistency.

YOU ROCK always, and your body will pay you back, you MUST work with the good and the bad.........and be patient....

its just part of the journey.

Peace and happiness, young man,

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