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Good Morning, Muscle and Brawn.

I am up at 2:45am in the morning, which is tradition for a workout day before going into work at 7am. I give myself an hour or so to wake my old ass up, drink a few glasses of water, have a small breakfast, and a whey powder drink. Workout will begin about 5am.

I got a Android 10 inch Tablet a few weeks ago as a present, that I use to log my workouts, diet, and personal journal. Which is quite different as compared to what I have been doing the last couple of years. I take the tablet into my workout room, and plug in the reps, etc, as I perform the workout. It is the perfect size and works wonderfully well. If you haven't tried this, you may want to consider it, it is just perfect.

I have no idea why I didn’t think about this before, lol. Its like a little book, and its easy to whip out anytime and white stuff down. I never took my laptop into my workouts, because it was just too big and clunky to me, but used it for various fitness and goal duties while out of the gym.

The tablet was given to me as a present from Grandma's son, and though I was adamant on not wanting to take it, he insisted, and he was rather shook that I didn’t want it, though I explained my reasoning. I decided to take it on the condition that I would use it for training and dieting purposes, and taking care of his sister (my wife).

Last couple of weeks I have been having some lower pelvic/lower pain, as the weight on the squat progressed in weight, The issue is that it didn't present itself during the workout, it would present itself at work after I cooled down post workout. Pain was at level 3 (not that bad, just when I bent over), and the pain was where the spine met the pelvis. I began to do lower back stretches, and a couple more lighter weight warm up sets, and lower back stretches after each working set, and the pain as stopped completely--nearly over night. Also paying more attention to form and seeing if I am losing it somewhere in the execution of the movement. Thus far so good.

Im writing this just prior to going in to the workout, and will plug in the workout later in the day. After the training, its fairly close to having to go to work, and will post it after work today, brothers and sisters.

WILL POST IT HERE>>>>>>>>>>>

Upper/Lower (REG) Training ran from 5AM to 6:30AM

Bench Press 6 sets
Military Press 4 sets
Bent Over Row 4 sets
Skull Crushers/DB Curls (Combo, no rest) 4 sets
Side/Front Shoulder Laterals 4 sets

Back Squat 5 sets
Walking Lunges 4 sets
Calf Raises 4 sets
Ham curls/GM combos (no rest) 4 sets

Stationary Bike 30 Minutes High End, Very fast pace

We got this new therapeutic bed, and man is it comfortable. I normally wake up several times, when my wife tosses and turns (due to her muscle spasms), but I didn't wake up or even notice her movement last night. We got it last night, and set it up in the evening, and so far it may be a blessing and just the bed we have been looking for. Later when my wife wakes up I'll ask how she slept and whether she was able to sleep through the night without turning too much.

Wife's facial infection has gotten better (caused from her fibrous dysplaysia), and she is feeling a lot better this week as compared to several weeks in the past. The antibiotics seem to be working this time. She has taken so many over the years, her body has built up immunity to a lot of them, and some haven't worked well. But, this time, it has. So this is good, for my sweety.

Off to workout and then go to work. Its going to be a rather busy day, and I love it when it’s a workout day, I feel so good during the day.

Peace brothers and sisters. Treat everyone fairly and justly, and give one a helping hand today.

Best regards,

Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:

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