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Originally Posted by Jamesw View Post
As of this wednesday I can work out "lightly". I have an idea what that means but I need specifics. I can't seem to find a trainer that knows jack or shit about it, nor can I find an article.

Obvously I'm not going to lift heavy or stand on my head, but what exactly can I do? How will I know if I'm pushing too hard?

I don't want to just sit here and waste away for 8 weeks, unless I have to.
Can I do push ups? BW squats? Core stuff? What?

Perhaps I need to find an exercise physiologist?
Well, at least you preempted me on those two points Seriously though, can the eye doc advise you, that may be a better option.

All weights will place pressure on the eye/head area, and the higher the load, the more the pressure (I'm guessing)...would a lighter load more volume approach work for a while?
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