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stlcrete is off to a bad start

2nd workout today while I'm logging Volatile.

I had a long day. Worked all day in the sun doing manual labor on about 6hrs of sleep. The day before I worked around 14hrs. I took 2 scoops of Volatile and 200mg of caffeine and started my workout at 9pm.

I was exhausted, but felt determined to make the best out of my workout. To my suprise, the workout was pretty good. I was focused and hit it hard. I'm convinced that Volatile def helps out tremendously with focus.

Usually, if I am exhausted during a workout, it will take all I have to not head for the door and leave. With the Volatile tonight, I never once thought about cutting the workout short.

As far as the pump, it was pretty good tonight. I trained back/tri's and I def had a huge pump in my back going.

So far, so good with the Volatile. I would def keep this stuff in my rotation of pre-workout supplements.

I'm supposed to train shoulders on Sunday, but may train them Sat instead. I'm doing a lot of volume for shoulders so I will def report back on things after that workout.
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