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stlcrete is off to a bad start

Took Volatile today before I hammered Chest and Bi's.

2 Scoops about 20mins before the workout.

Taste = 8/10 The stuff tastes pretty good.

Mixability = 10/10 It mixed right up with no clumps or grit.

How Volatile performs

Focus = 9.5/10

As far as the workout goes, I feel like it gave me some real help in the "focus" department. I usually train in the morning, but today I worked outside for 8hrs, went to a meeting and didn't hit the gym till 9pm. All of that being said I pounded out a really good workout and was lazer focused.

Pump = 9/10

I had a really great pump going all workout long. I'm writing this log about 1hr after my workout and I am still really pumped. I haven't had a preworkout supplement in a long time that actually helped hold my pump post workout. We will have to see if that continues or fades.

Energy ??????

I can't really speak on the energy part. I am the type of person who really needs a kick to get going and have always used a lot of stimulants (all legal) in the gym. I recently kicked the Geranium and have just been popping 200mg of caffeine. I did this with the 2 scoops of Volatile and had a crazy amount of energy throughout my entire workout (which was @ 9pm after being up since 6:30 a.m. )

So overall, my first impressions are that it really gets the blood flowing to the muscles and the focus is tremendous.

Thanks to Fahrenheit Nutrition for letting me log the Volatile. I'm "off" in the gym tomorrow, but will let you know how back/tri go on Thrs.
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