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Originally Posted by big valsalva View Post
When I was still in high school, I was afflicted by warts on my hands. I tried EVERYTHING. I had even gone so far as to try to burn them off myself. Nothing helped. Compound W. Doctor. Nothing. One summer I had a job directing traffic at the local county fair grounds. One morning I was stationed 20 yards inside the front gate. I had my red flag, and was pointing incoming traffic to turn to their left. That was my job. Well, I noticed a wizzled old man in a straw hat and bib overalls walk through the front gate. I had never seen him before, nor have I since. Anyway, I watched him pay his admission, then walk in my direction. He walked up to me as if it were his business. He walked right up to me and croaked out, "Ya got warts?"

"Well, uh, yes."

"Lemme see!"

I put out my right hand and showed him.

"Pee on 'em."


"Pee on 'em!"

That evening I went out behind the barn and wizzed on my hand. A couple of weeks later the warts were all gone.

True story.
So much information lost that could save people lots of aggro, in the long run and a whole lot of time not using meds that aren't effecient; hubby had a wart on his finger, for years, we're not sure whether it was the constant driving his hands in to a bag of chicken feed that eventually sorted it out...but once it went, that was it, gone.

Though, we also rubbed potato on it and I think oxalic acid is an ingredient in the creams used for warts but also a component of, who knows (I think it was oxalic acid...some component anyway, that occurred in potato and wart meds).

Originally Posted by leefarley View Post
weeing on your feet also gets rid of chill blanes aswell,i know i tried it and it works.
Yep, I've heard that as well.

Originally Posted by Shorts View Post
Hahah that's an awesome story!

I have heard leaving salt pork on your warts will make them go away as well. Though I couldn't imagine walking around with that on any part of my body for the better part of a day.
Well, you don't necessarily leave it on, you can wash your hands afterwards, it still works.
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