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muscleman is off to a bad start


My name is Scott and I've been training for 5 years now. My background is as a high level swimmer and I've recently decided to train for size and strength.

6'1" height
66kg (2007)
110kg (2009)
90kg (2012)

Recently I did 12 weeks of Mark Ripptoe's Starting Strength which changed my whole thought process on training. 3x10- and bodypart splits- never again!! Harder, stronger and bigger.

Have decided to spice it up and am trying Layne Norton's- P.H.A.T system. I find this is great because you can still blast heavy weights on the power days whilst I find the "hypertrophy" days get the heart racing.

Glad I found this site, loving some of the articles. I bet you hear it all the time but if only I learnt about this stuff earlier
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