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Originally Posted by MattShadows View Post
In few weeks I start probably paleo style diet, but I am affraid a little, because i train sometimes twice a day (bjj and lifting). I dont know how my organism survive through so many training sessions without carbs like a rice, pasta, oatmeal etc. ;/ Thx for reply
With cardio intense activities the body seems to do well on carbs; with lifting related activites, I've read that the body relies on fat as it's primary fuel.

Whether that is correct or not I've no idea but it may explain why some styles of diets suit one individual but not another, depending on what they are doing.

We have people carb-backloading, lifters and it's working for them, however, a freediver would protein backload (in the evening) and carb frontload prior to the day's diving.

Trial and error might be the easiest way for each person to work out what works for them.
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