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So I have been on this stuff for almost a month now so I thought I'd post some of my thoughts:

FIT multi-vitamin - Easy to take, managed to fight off the cold that Mrs and Mini Al have had recently so that's a plus.

Flexible joint supp - Very pleased with this. Elbow pain is almost gone, knees are feeling good. Now dropping from 4 and 4 dose to 2 and 2 to see if that works as maintenance.

Lean EFX - Started this a week and a bit ago and again I've been pleasantly surprised. You don't get a caffeine rush and crash that you get with other products. The appetite suppression is ridiculous though. I didn't have my morning protein shake until gone 11 this morning and didn't even feel hungry. For me this is an eternity not to eat so that's great.

Resurrect - This stuff works a treat. Since the birth of Mini a year ago I have woken up a few times in the night even when she doesn't cry. Resurrect gives me deeper sleep and more quality rest. Probably my favourite.

Volatile - Pre WO. Not been a fan of pre-WOs for over a year or so after I took a Jack3d clone and hated the hangover and red skin/tingly/itchiness. Once I got the dose right for this (1.5scoops for me) I have been loving it. No big pump for me as I don't do the reps really but I find more energy and don't need as much rest in between attempts which is a win.

Overall - Despite the fact that I am on carb backloading at the moment, am now only eating one carb meal per day and am fasting until at least 10am every day, my waist size continues to drop but I am maintaining weight and even adding some. I have gone from 97.5kgs a couple of weeks back to 100.3kgs on Monday. This is a major win.

I will update this thread periodically as I add more products or use these for longer. If you have any Fahrenheit-related questions, please let me know.

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