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Default Brute gets Volatile

Thanks to Fahrenheit Nutrition for the chance to log Volatile! I'll run this separately from my lifting log but they will reference each other somewhat.

The usual things first. I won't repeat these every day as they are unlikely to change.

Taste: 10/10 - Good flavor, not bitter, not too sweet. I'm not looking for kool-aid, just want something I can get down, and this delivers. Decent berry flavoring.

Color: 10/10 - Seriously, who doesn't love purple

Mixability - 10/10 - no grit, only had to shake it for a few shakes

Irony - Maybe not really irony, but I get a kick out of LtL repping a company called Fahrenheit whilst he uses Centigrade. Or do you call it Celsius? Either way, it brightens my day.

Now down to what I'm really interested in.

Energy: 7/10 - This is a good rating. I took one scoop today as I've been of pre-workouts for a couple weeks and had just had my morning coffee. Trained early today. I definitely had a good energy boost after taking Volatile. Not as heavy stim as some others, but it was a good amount. As I'm a giant, I'll take 2 scoops next time.

Pump: 7/10 - I don't do much work that leads to pumps, but the 20 rep leg press at the end did give me a pretty good pump. What I liked the best was that it dissipated more quickly, allowing me to walk rather than waddle.

Focus: 9/10 - This is where I am liking the product the most after the first day. Had kind of a rough time with squats today. Early squatting sucks. However, I feel that Volatile definitely helped me keep my head in the game and go on to hit a 110 pound PR for knee height rack pulls.

Crash: 10/10 - No crash at all
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