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Good questions, I'll give you my take:

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
By supporting the smaller feds are we encouraging the fragmentation of our sport?
I used to think so, but we would really have to know the Olympics views on this. Are they really after one unifying federation or would they pick the largest global one i.e. the IPF and not even consider the rest? Who knows. I don't neccessarily think we are encouraging the fragmentation of the sport by supporting smaller feds.

Are the smaller feds necessary? Do they fill needs the bigger feds don't, and that the bigger feds should listen too?
I think the situation here in the UK is somewhat similar to that of the US in terms of motivation to change, albeit it's naturally on a larger scale over there. The smaller feds do bridge that gap. I was very firmly for the BDFPA and IPF here for a long while, but now I get deeper involved especially in the equipped side I just don't want to be walking around with 700lbs on my back. IPF aren't going to change in that regard and continue to ignore technological innovations like the Monolift.

Has the competition side of the sport been minimized over the years because of the reality that very few of us at meets have others in our weight class to match up against? Is this good for the sport?
This is an issue, and not something I feel I have much of an answer to.

This is why we have Youtube I guess lol!

Is it good for the sport to hold meets in hotel conference rooms, etc.? Does this really honor the sport/is it good for the sport?
I've had some hosted in prisons before. I don't think this matters much.

Is the sport going the way of the IFBB, where it's bigger (lifts) is better at any cost. I guess this is directed at training gear. Is gear good for the sport?
Is gear good for the sport? Perhaps not. Is it good for the lifters? A resounding yes.

Again this is another issue I was very firmly against for a long while, equipment in Powerlifting. But if I continued with that stance my career in Powerlifting would have been very short. As far as I'm concerned it's idealism versus realism here. Idealism say's no support gear, walking out lifts 'like the old-timers did' (gotta love that). Realism say's I ripped my goddamn hamstring off the bone 6 years ago, and there's not been a year gone by in this decade or the last that I haven't been under at least 500lbs for the better part of that year. So that takes it's toll and unless you've really been there you just don't know.

Just my take on it.
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