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Default Want To Start Again

Well I want to start lifting weights again but I'm not sure how to start. I have a back injury which pretty much everyone knows about heres a bit from my private log post

"My back injury as of right now only has 50% certainity and the other 50% they couldn't finish the testing because they fired me and I couldn't afford to continue the testing.

I tore my muscle at the job I had while moving a 225lbs steel box. The first docter gave me meds and two weeks off needless to say when I went back they gave me an even heavier box to move. Then the pain increased severly and I had to see a specailist, according to her my muscle didn't heal properly everytime its used it puts a unusual amount of pressure on my spine and discs. Along with that I have some internal disc displacement and she couldn't finish the testing to find out which. The surgery would've been to fix the discs along with remove some muscle so that it wouldn't put so much pressure on my spine.

Everytime I lift or overwork myself I get severe spasms and the feeling of a dagger in three spots on my back."

So how should I start up any ideas?
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