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Originally Posted by kman025 View Post
Edit: sorry for typos, I'm on my iPod

L guys... I know, I know.... Actually after looking at these I think I may have to. One things for sure, by summer I need to be lean.... If not I'm be depressed as ****.

I may go with a "clean" bulk.

In fact maybe by gaining muscle I'll be able to lean out....

I may either start a thread tomorrow about this or pm some of you guys.

I'm thinking of doing some sort of carb cycling or something while I bulk... Any opinions(and if you say don't worry about it, I'll pee on you)

thanks for keeping it real guys

I just used to be fat, so it's hard to commit to bulking.... Also with my gyno I always look like I got man boobs, so it ****s with my mind.
Man, I just now looked at your age. You look great for 16 though man! Keep up the good work and I do think a lean bulk would be good for you....along with pounding the weights! Good luck!
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