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These guys are all about making lifts harder. There is a big box by the bars stand that I have been wondering about the contents. Well, today I found out it contains chains!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT

Safety Bar Squats
Bar XLots
Add Chains (55 lbs each side)
Bar X5
Add more chains (75 lbs each side)
Bar X5
Bar X5
Bar X5
The safety bar weighs 85 lbs, and add a huge degree of difficulty in that it makes your body want to lean forward, so you have to fight it. Chains are of course self explanatory. These 5 sets really kicked my ass big time. I assure you they are very difficult even with no added plates. Words cannot explain how cool it is to squat with chains - just the noise it makes alone is just awesome.

Reverse Hyperextensions
25 X10
25 X10
25 X10
25 X10
I was so excited to find out the team owns a reverse hyperextenion machine, as I have always wanted to use a weighted machine. This is just an amazing assistance lift for squats. And of course, they showed me how to do them properly. It's is such a bargain to pay $300.00 per year for 15 personal powelifter trainers.

Safety Bar Box Squats
Bar X5
175 X5
225 X5
225 X5
225 X5
Last rep on last set was to failure, but I locked it out. I know I had some issues last Thursday's box squats, such as box height and sitting back, so I asked the crew for help today. Well, what would have taken me weeks and perhaps months to get sorted out, the boys fixed in 10 minutes. They said the last 2 sets were just awesome form. There were 4 sets of very experienced big powerlifter eyes watching me box squat.

Hack Sled Squats
BW X10
90 X15
90 X15
Those of you that know me will be wondering why I did these, as you know I hate the hack sled. However, this sled is just awesome. I am now converted and love hack squats. It is just so smooth and well designed. Just like my mechanic borther says, the right tools make all the difference.

I asked Brian today if I could take vids, and he said by all means. I can also take vids of other lifters' lifts. I just have to get a small easy to use camera as the one I use in the JimGym is too bulky. Once I get it, and soon, I will be able to post up some amazing vids. Today, one of the members raw squatted 7 PPS to parallel. I was stunned to see that live.
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