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Originally Posted by 5kgLifter View Post
That's true too; when I converted them both to stones and pounds (the good ol' fashioned weights ) is when I really realised how low those weight classes were.
I'd disagree.

Take a look at those guys and girls who compete. They're lean and in good shape, on top of that they are expected to be drug-free at least for the day of the competition. Obviously quite a few of them look like they aren't but it is very typical for Oly lifters to do more in national competitions and training halls than at the Olympics. That's a relatively straight forward way to say that they come *off* for the Olympics. Those that don't, get caught. Those that look or perform way above what is expected get targeted and also caught, that is the only way to maintain what integrity can be maintained of the Olympics. But that's really another argument altogether.

The point is you're just not going to get your mega-dosed 300lbs+ lean men competing in something like the Olympics. They'd stand out like a sore thumb for one, and would immediately get targeted as they are far too far away from what a normal drug-free man or woman can achieve. It's not Strongman or certain PL federations where drug-testing is lax. Also another factor is that past a certain point the extra bulk in certain areas, the chest for example, just isn't going to help on the classic lifts.

Also these guys are lean, you can see their abs through their leotards at 50 yards. That's a genuine 10% bodyfat for men, sub-20% for the women. If people actually dieted down to that sort of level they'd very quickly realise how light they would be.

I think it boils down to a combination of unrealistic standards for bodyweight continually fed to us by the bodybuilding media and the fact that most people who are overweight drastically underestimate just how overweight they really are. That combines to lead to the perception that these lifters are 'light' when nothing could be further from the truth. 105kg lean is massive.

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