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Originally Posted by JacktheThriller View Post
Day 1
Heavy Squat 5x4 or 20x1 depending on feel of day
Hyperextension 8x4
Good Morning 5x4
Bench 8x4
Incline Bench 8x4
Decline Tricep Extension 10x4
You've got some redundancy here, it should be either Hyperextensions or GM's rather than both. You can use that energy toward balancing upper back or overhead work. Same deal with the Bench and Incline Bench, pick one.

I'd restructure that:

Good Mornings

That still means a full body workout but it covers everything, rather than over stressing any one area.

Day 2
Heavy Deadlift 5x4
Light Squat 60%x12x4
Side twist 8x4
Resistance Situps 8x4
Neck Bridging 3mins
Glute Bridge 8x4
Seems good, no reason why you can't do some upper body work this day as well. Moving the Incline Bench to this day would be fine.

Day 3
Legs heavy variant (front squat, Anderson, Overhead) 5x4
Good Morning 8x4
Chinup Max x 4
Pullover 12x4
Bent over row 8x4
Behind Neck Pulldown 10x4
This is a bit better, you have less redundancy but Chins, Rows and Pulldowns seems overkill. I'd restructure like this:

Good Morning
Include some type of Press on this day.

Day 4
Interval bike 20sec x 8 rounds
Shrug 10x4 with squeeze
Calf Raise 20x4 In position/Out position
OH strict Press 10x4
Push Press 8x4
Reverse Fly Banded 12x4
Again OH press and Push Press, there's really no need for them both on this day. Spread the workload out over the week or however loing and include more balance in each routine. Press, Shrug and leg/back work can be included here.

All in all if you want a more complete workout you should make sure each session has at it's core:


If you want to get fancy with more exercises then:

Upper Pull
Lower Pull

And that's VERY complete. When you start doubling up on some days and leaving stuff out on other days it makes no sense.
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