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Originally Posted by Fazc View Post
I said 'you want to move away from templates and routines'. No 'program' is correct, to a certain point.

Sure, let's take two examples. The first of a general strength trainee who chooses to get stronger in the basic exercises with little variation. His plan is to complete Squats, Benches and Rows on this day as he does 3 full body's a week and this is one of them. On the day he is feeling a little sore in the hamstrings and lower back as he worked SLDL very hard a few days ago. So his planned 6 triples on the Squat is looking daunting. Especially considering he smoked a very nice PR in them just a week ago and every rep was on the bone. So instead of triples he decides to drop down to sets of 10. He completes 3 sets of 10. He uses less weight than his triples, sets a new PR on the 10's while still managing to work Squats. Next week he goes back to triples and completes more PRs.

Another example is of a powerlifter who has his intent of the day. He knows he must Bench but he also know's he is deficient in triceps. So he begins with 9 sets of triples for speed work in the Bench. After that he must pick an exercise for the triceps. He feels pretty good so he chooses heavy board lockouts for triples. He smokes these. If he didn't feel too good he might go with something lighter. Or if his chest felt great but triceps were beat up he may go full range CGBP.

The possibilities are endless I'm sure you know what I mean by now.
thank you fazc for the reply and the examples. i started to think about it.

I like that you brought that up and i also think that its a worth thing to try.
there is so much happening in the body, that if you want a extern coach to tune your programm he need a 2 hours assesment (cortisol,lactat...) on which base he could determine what you should do.
You know yourself best and you should learn to know you best.

But i need still some guidelines which get clear out of my example below.

I can feel how much weight is "right" for the session and adjust it. But how you gauge the volume you do on that day or what kind of other option you want to do?


1. A PL squated 400 pounds for 3 reps and got a PR.
Next session he wants to go for a new one, but recognizes that he is still sore.
So he could do Speed work or submax (hypertrophy) work. He could even shoot for a PR in the higher rep range.
Out of which "feeling" you can decide which is right? Both are lighter than the max effort day. How does the trainee determine volume?

2.Lets take another athlete who is concerned in gaining mass (diet is in check)

The athlete does a upper body and lower body split.
He did 3x10 for benches,presses and rows. The bench and row improved.

Next session he still improves on 3x10 in the row but the weight for bench and presses doesn´t feels right.

So there could be 2 possibilites:
The trainee can go ligher or heavier. He can shoot for reps of 20 or for reps of 5 or even lower.
How can the trainee determine which way is the right way? He could either over or understimulate.
Also again the question of volume rises. Perhaps he needs to bump up to 5x10 to increase the work capacity to handle the load.

So how do i overcome this points especially in the long term?

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