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Default Soldier gets back under the iron

Some of you guys may remember me from last year. Since january 10th i've been training to become a soldier in the US Army. When i shipped i had a 3 lift total over 1k with a 285 bench, 335 squat and 385 dead lift. I completed basic training at Ft Benning, then came here to Ft Gordon to complete my training for my job, which involves communications. I'm still in a highly controlled training environment, but i get much more freedom now compared to the total control of basic training.

Pt in the army can be intense or easy depending on who's leading it. In my company, we dont mess around. We run at least 3 times a week, and are expected to push ourselves hard. At least once a week we use a local hill as part of our training and trust me, it aint no joke. I've actually managed to become one of the top runners in the company, and can run 2 miles between 13 and 14 minutes. Now that i feel as though my body has adapted to the rigors of Army pt, i want to return to one of my great loves, the iron game. So far i've managed to regain much of my strength. Though i havent maxed yet for fear of injury, i've been able to do 225x6 on bench and 275x5 on squat. Yes, not earth shaking numbers, but when u consider what my body has been through in the last 6 months, i'm happy with where i'm picking back up.

(By the way, sorry about my i's, i'm writing this via smart phone and it's a PAIN to keep up good grammar.)

My goals are to regain solid strength and rebuild my old mass without compromising my new-found running ability. I have a very odd schedule where i only eat twice a day, in the middle of the night and the middle of the day. Luckily, i'm able to lift right before lunch, so i'm still able to get good post training nutrition. I'm also using whey protein and bcaa's to fill any nutritional gaps, along with gaspari superpump max to keep me awake, since my morning training is actually at the end of my day (i'm supposed to be sleeping right now, actually. Army life is crazy!)

I have pt most weekdays from 0745 to 0915, then we usually lift from 1030 to 1130 3 days a week with an upper/lower/upper split. On the weekends we relax and recover from the craziness of the week. I'm looking forward to logging my workouts (and hopefully progress) here, and am also ecstatic to be coming back to the m&b fold. Let's do this, HOOAH!
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