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Originally Posted by Fazc View Post
Hi Flow,

I think you have to rid yourself of the idea that you need to steadfastedly stick to one repetition scheme forever. You really don't. You're an intelligent guy who has his head screwed on right, so allow yourself the freedom to interchange reps. As long as your focus is on 'progression', all you need to do is to keep a rough idea of what weight you have used with any particular rep scheme.

This relieves the mental pressure of always having to perform the same repetition scheme and also relieves the pressure of having to justify changing things around.

Me personally, I change things around all the time. But I always have at least a rough idea and usually a complete idea of what to beat from last time. That way progress still trickles in. You have to admit that at some stage you won't see linear progress, so don't pressure yourself! Allow yourself the freedom of multiple rep schemes you choose from depending on what you feel like on the way.
Hi Fazc,
Thank you too for your decent and always kind reply.
Well your talking bout intuitive training or you are even givin a cue for autoregulative training which has its merit even more for intermediate or advanced trainees.
I prefer a mixture of both to not fall into chaos and being without a plan.
But also try to avoid beeing too rigid wit a plan which doesn´t fit well.

So setting up a template and deciding on my numbers and feel of the day if i should go heavy or light is a good compromise.
90%of the time a HLHLHL... approached always worked well. Thats why I liked to stick with it as a template.
Feeling if a weight is too heavy or too light for the day works well. But i have problems in "feeling" how much volume to do.

Also i have your last advice regarding the texas method in my mind, which led me into thinking if the heavy day is too les stressfull to progress.
Thats why my question of a increase in volume is still stated: like 5x5.
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