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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Plenty of fun, aren't they?

Originally Posted by ravimolasaria View Post
that's what I was telling you to do ... you denied it and then did it that means you are still not aware of your potential ...
Keep lifting Kuytrider
I thought you meant hitting 275 for 5 reps Ravi

Originally Posted by markievicz View Post
BOOM! breakthrough! build on this now and push that squat higher and higher
nice reward for all that effort you are putting in.

remind me what your PR on squats are befoe you smash that record?
had a good laugh on the walkout story!
nice weight for these.

doing the bear??! its getting popular around these parts lately!
Thanks Mark! My 1RM PR for squats is 140kg. Did it once and it was an inch high so I did it again to depth the following week

Originally Posted by JordanK91 View Post
Good to see your still making solid progress Kuyt!

Keep it going
Thanks Jordan. Nice to see you back

Originally Posted by Pull14 View Post
Nice work Kuyt! Gotta love 'em paused squats too
Paused squats suck! In a nice way of course

Originally Posted by mab54 View Post
Some fine squating going on, and those pauses are great and fun!
We have differing ideas of fun young man

Originally Posted by Jen View Post

Awesome PR's Kuyt!
Thanks jen

Tuesday 24 July
Every session is a killer though I don't feel wiped out after sessions anymore.

120 (264) x 6 PR
The 6 reps took 29-30 seconds so I dont know if that's too long to be useful for strength The last rep was about 4 seconds from the start of the descent to finish of the rep!

75x5 - First 3 sets paused
100 (220) x 5 PR
Last rep was life and death and when I was done, I mouthed 'finally' to some random guy next to me on the preacher curl machine One rep didn't touch the chest (half inch high) but I'm counting it anyway!

Should I go to 102.5 or stick with 100 and try to get 5 reps again?

Pendlay Row
87.5 (192) x 5
Would like to say PR here too but the last 2 reps were not good and didn't touch the chest so I am sticking here next week.

Squat Walkouts
165kg: 3 x 15 second holds - The unracking is the hardest part by far but you guys know that already

Paused Close Grip Bench
67.5 x 8 - 3 sets

Supersetted with B/W Chins - 6, 5, 4

Seated DB Curls
17.5 x 8, 8, 7 - May switch back to Ez curl or Olympic bar curls

Stair sprints - 12 x 1.5 flights
No excuses, just results.

Getting it done one session at a time.
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