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Originally Posted by 5kgLifter View Post
Everything is "unhealthy" in large proportions; my mother-in-law, when she found out she was diabetic and that she could eat fruit, took it to the absolute border of stupidity and would eat punnet fulls of fruit which were still excess calories and not good for her.
Yes, but what about all the pies & microwave meals that we do not need to consume? They do not give us any nutritional benefits. Frighteningly, they're here to stay.

In the case of your mother-in-law, she never thought about her actions which never helped her case. She thought that by eating fruit, she was doing well by herself. My father-in-law thought by eating large amounts of nuts, he'd lose weight... He, too, never thought about his actions.

But by eating microwave meals, pastries & high fatty foods & making yourself think that you're doing well by yourself means you're floating in Egypt. Denial.
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